Holistic Training by Julie




  • Founder of Holistic Movement, Speaker, Writer, Trainer, Consultant.
  • Celebrity Trainer
  • Creator of the world’s 1st Holistic Fitness DVD and Holistic book.
  • Excellence in Fitness and Holistic Practices from the Global Goodwill Ambassadors org January 2020.
  • She has trained numerous: celebrities, VIPs, students, staff, and public worldwide.
  • Studied in the USA and Europe and has multiple degrees in alternative medicine, energy healing, aromatherapy, personal training, meditation, Pilates, yoga, sound therapy, rehabilitative sport, and more.


The Holistic Movement is the evolutionary movement to train our body, mind, and subconscious and has been well designed to give you a lean, balanced muscle mass, stretch, tone, and condition your body and mind for a happier, re-energized, and balanced life that is aligned with the universal field of energy. The workout the methodology offers over +100 benefits to detox, lose weight, condition muscles naturally, remove body pain, improve discipline, body and mind awareness, and much more.

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Holistic Group Training ( Minimum 5 people ), Holistic Training 1 on 1


Julie Rammal


1 Session ( 1 Day ), 1 Session ( 1 Week ), 10 Sessions ( 1 Month )