Biggest Loser, Biggest Winner

Price From: ر.س1,000.00

Biggest Loser, Biggest Winner

Price From: ر.س1,000.00



To achieve the Kingdom’s 2030 vision for a healthy and athletic community, Gold’s Gym launches the Biggest Loser program to achieve your sports and health goals.

ًWhat is The Biggest Loser Program?

The Biggest Loser is an intensive 12-week program with sports training and diet tips designed for women and men of all ages.

The goal is to reach a healthy and athletic body and reduce the percentage of body fat in an effective, healthy and safe manner.

Join now and get a 30% discount on all subscriptions in addition to a free week for every 1 kilo you lose from your weight.


All branches of the Kingdom are women and men

Available subscriptions:

-Annual subscription

-6 months subscription

-3-month subscription

Subscribe Now easily and get 15 additional days to your subscription.


Offer Details:

A-Use the 30BL  promo code to get 30% off, plus you will get:

– week for each kilo you lose.

B-Subscribing with the rack price, plus you will get:

– Body Assist Measurement

– 36 Group PT sessions

– Diet tips & support

– Internal & external event’s & activities

– Each 1 KG fat you lose  =  1,000 SAR  up to 10,000 SAR


Buy Now & Win Your Health


*Terms and Condition Apply



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Abha, Jeddah, Madina


Females, Male


Abha, Elite, Fayha, Flamingo, Madina, Tahliya, Zahra

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12 Month Early Bird ( Opening – 2 PM ), 3 Month Early Bird ( Opening – 2 PM ), 6 Month Early Bird ( Opening – 2 PM ), 12 Month, 6 Month, 3 Month

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